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Peace Building Anthropology - A New Challenges for Experiental Learning in High Education in Central and Eastern Europe

The course of peacebuilding anthropology is a unique university course in the area of Central and Eastern Europe. It is held solely and exclusively at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia. The course combines both practical and theoretical approaches to peacebuilding and it provides a good foundation for those who are interested in working in the conflict/post-conflict environment within the scope of international community. This course is especially aimed at students, PhD. students and young assistants. We believe that students and academics who have the ambition to deal with ethnic or ethno-social conflicts could benefit from its practical aspect in the world of peacebuilding; vice versa, field researchers would be able to gain deeper theoretical knowledge in the field of conflicts, peacebuilding and democratization. The course will offer: comparative analysis of recent South Eastern European and Eastern European ethnosocial conflicts (the Balkans versus Caucasus); comparative analysis of recent ethno-social conflicts in European East and in Africa; analysis of international community┬┤s efforts in peacebuilding and democratization in conflict/post-conflict areas. Index Terms - Anthropology, education, higher education, experiential education, peacebuilding, peacekeeping