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Webcam Based Virtual Keyboard

Historically, keyboards are designed for text character printing and text character entry later on in the attached devices. Therefore, keyboard is communication mechanism between human beings and the computing machines and is used to enter textual data and commands. Virtual keyboard are generally assumed to produce the same output as the conventional QWERTY layout produces. The utilization of virtual keyboard appears in space saving situations or requirement in soft programmability of keys or systems avoiding mechanical failure or in movement situations where usability of standard keyboard is limited. Utilization of virtual keyboards in space saving situation is enormous. (e.g.) Text entry in PDA�s and cellular phones etc. PDA�s and cellular phones don�t have a standard keyboard available with them due to limited key on their text entry keypads. Soft key programmability of keyboard is also a considerable factor in the design of virtual keyboards. Keywords - Posterior Probability, Feature Vector, Highest Posterior Probability, Array of Pre-stored Key, Personal digital assistant (PDA), Computer vision(CV).