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The Perceptible Effects of Climate Change on Buildings and the Surrounding Landscape in Nigeria

Undoubtedly, landscape architecture apart from the role of beautifying the outdoor spaces, aesthetics, health benefits, and helping man interact with nature, also play significant roles in mitigating the effects of climate change. Although, this role of mitigating the effects of climate change is yet to be well understood and explored in Nigeria. The surrounding landscape of the built environment in many towns and cities are affected by very high and intense temperature, which consequently affect the greening of the surroundings and the attractiveness. The paper aims to discuss and contribute to the advancement of knowledge about the effects climate change has on landscape elements and how exploring these effects can help mitigate climate change in Nigeria. The paper reviewed relevant literature and discussed the peculiar effects of climate change in the different regions of Nigeria. It further discussed how landscape elements could be used to mitigate climate change in Nigeria and revealed that a good knowledge of the usefulness of landscape elements in the surrounding of the built environment would help in planning and design of the outdoor space. Index Terms - Buildings, Climate Change, Landscape, Nigeria.