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Effects of Engine Speed on Performance of An Irreversible Dual Cycle

This study is aimed at investigating the effect of engine speed on the Dual cycle performance with considerations of heat transfer and friction irreversible losses. By using finite time thermodynamics theory, the characteristic curves of the power output versus compression ratio and the power output versus thermal efficiency are obtained. The results show that the maximum power output and the power output at maximum thermal efficiency increase with increasing engine speed and then decrease. The results also shows that if compression ratio is less than certain value, the power output increases with increasing engine speed, while if compression ratio exceeds certain value, the power output first increases and then starts to decrease with increasing engine speed. With further increase in compression ratio, the increase of engine speed results in decreasing the power output. This paper provides an additional criterion for use in the evaluation of the performance and the suitability of a dual engine. Index terms - Finite time thermodynamics; Performance analysis; Dual cycle