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Women’s Political Participation In Federal Land Development Authority (Felda): Between Two Generations

One of the government’s land development programmes to eradicate poverty among the Malays is through Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA). The set up of FELDA was to address the social economic of the Malays. At the same time FELDA also one of governments’ reliable vote to secure the win of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) as a ruling party. Since the establishment in 1956, these settlers votes contributed towards UMNO’s success. As participants of FELDA, Malay women significantly contribute in ensuring the victory of the ruling party. This paper will examine the political participation of FELDA women of two generations (the second and the third) in the context of FELDA Ulu Tebrau (FUT), Johor. The data discussed in this paper is drawn from in-depth interviews and focus group discussion with two groups of respondents, second and third generations of women in the settlement. The qualitative data were also collected through observation at the village. This paper attempts to explore FELDA women’s activities from two generations (the second and the third) in terms of their political and communal participation. It will inquire into types of activities that they are involved with. The findings of this study indicate that the women of second generations are more aware and politically active compared to women of third generation. The result also suggested that majority of young women in the third generation did not show any interest in politics. Besides, women of second generation show unwavering support to UMNO. Index Terms— Women’s Political Participation, FELDA Women, UMNO