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A Math Teacher’s Plight on Constructing Instructional Materials: A Case Study

The development and application of appropriate instructional materials is necessary. The gap in the availability and utilization of appropriate instructional materials adhering to Bruner’s Constructivism, Dale’s Cone of Experience, and Experiential Learning Theory makes a misalignment in the K to 12 Curriculum, thus fails in achieving learning competencies and assessment procedures. This research is a qualitative interpretative single-case study focused on the experiences of a math teacher on a low performing school as identified by the Department of Education, Division of Tacloban City, Philippines in the production and utilization of instructional materials. Research data were gathered through an intensive interview and analyzed by having three cycles of coding. Findings of the study revealed that there are plenty of factors affecting teacher, production and utilization of instructional materials, and students’ academic performance. It is an eye-opener on the challenges and difficulties teachers face in everyday teaching. Keywords- Instructional Materials, Interpretative Single-Case Study, K to 12 Curriculum, Mathematics.