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M-Commerce Growth: A Comparative Study of China and South Korea Consumers

Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) is growing rapidly due to increase in smartphone usage. Numerous studies have measured the growth potential of m-commerce. However, studies on its impacts across different countries has not been adequately addressed. Current study focuses on behavioral intention and actual behavior of m-commerce users in South Korea and China. The comparison is important Since South Korea is a very developed economy and m-commerce penetration is very high. However, China has seen a surge in m-commerce recently but the potential for growth is very high. Using a previously developed framework linked m-commerce users’behavior (intentions and actual usages). To key drivers (ubiquity and habit). Data from over 400 m-commerce users of South Korea and China was collected. The results reveal important asymmetries between the two countries in relation to readiness and habits. Users in China assign more importance to ubiquity relative to habit in influencing purchase intentions compared to users in South Korea. Thus, it is recommended that m-commerce retailers should adopt different marketing Strategies for China Compared to South Korea. Keywords - Developed versus developing markets, mobile commerce, readiness, habit, ubiquity, China, South Korea