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Effect of Music Tempo on Exercise Time Duration and Recovery Heart Rate

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of different tempo music on submaximal exercise time duration in young adults. Twelve healthy male participant scompleted threerandomly assigned trials: static noise (control), fast tempo musicandslow tempo music. Eachconditionconsisted of submaximal treadmillexerciseand post-exercise recovery periods. Resting HR, peakHR during exercise and recovery period and the exercise time duration was recorded in each trials. List ening to fast tempo music during exercise resulted in a higher peak HR and exercise time duration (Repeated-measures ANOVA, P<0.05). Two-factor ANOVA revealed a main effect of time (P= 0.020), and a trialand time interaction (P=0.037) for recovery heart rate, indicating that responses differed over time betweentrials. Post-hoc analysis indicated significant differences between fas tmusic exercise trial and slow music exercise trial and between fast music trial and control trial (P<0.05) In conclussion list ening to fast tempo music during submaximal treadmill exercise can increase exercise time duration while listening to slow tempo music after exercise can accelerate the recovery rate back to resting levels. Keywords - Music tempo, exercise performance,heart rate