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The Comparison of Finger Tapping Test Scores Art, Foreign Languages, Computer-Instructional Technology Students and Elite Karate Athletes

Introduction and objective: Fine motor skill is ability to control and coordinate the small muscles in the hand for precise movements. When the muscles in the forearm and hand are slow to develop, weakness and incoordination may result. Because of this, fine motor skills are not only important in sport and education but also in every area of life.The finger tapping test (FTT) involves the ability to constantly maintain fine motor skills.In this aspect our objective in this study was to compare FTT scores and between students of art, foreign languages (FL),computer-instructional technologies (CIT) and elite karate athletes (EKA). Methods: The FTT, in which the speed of consecutive motor movements was evaluated, was implemented via a computer program and the athletes were asked to press the specified key consecutively for 20 seconds. The obtained data was recorded by computer. Body mass index (BMI) was recorded by a Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer device (TANITA, TBF300 Japan).The One Way ANOVA test was used to compare continuous variables between groups. SPSS v.24 program was used for statistical analyzes. A total of 144 participants composed of 79 males and 65 females volunteered in the context of the study. Mean age, weight, height, body mass index (BMI) of the participants were 22.42.71 years, 68.0515.28 kg., 171.339.22 cm. and21.894.52 kg/m2respectively. Eighty six (46 male, 40female) university students and thirty sedantary (17 male, 13 female) who are not engaged in sports and twenty nine (17 male, 12female) EKA were included in the study after being informed about the study and obtaining their consents. The nonathlete university students were selected from the faculties of arts, CIT and FL of Uludağ University. Results: A significant difference was found between elite karate athletes and all groups in FTT scores.EKA performed more finger tap than other groups in the same period. Conclusion: In conclusion, The more importance of fine motor skills in terms of sporting success also explains the difference of theFTT performances between the groups. We thought that high level of readiness of the athletes for fine motor skills has been influential in the results. Keywords - Finger Tapping, Fine Motor Skills, Sports, Education