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E-Commerce Innovation: A Literature Review on the Influence of Omni-Channel Retailing on Consumer Shopping Behaviour.

A comprehensive review of the existing literature on Omni channel retail innovation has shown that not much has been studied on the influence on the mobile channels on reshaping consumer’s shopping behaviour in the e-commerce industry. The addition of mobile channels such as Mobile phones, Tablets and Apps have not been highlighted in terms of their impact in changing the consumer shopping behavior. Studies compare Omni channel to Multi channel. Consumers interact with a channel at a time in multichannel and interact simultaneously with various channels in Omni channel retailing. However, specifically how the simultaneous interaction with various mobile channels reshape consumer shopping behaviour in e-commerce has not been brought to the fore clearly.Knowledge of the extent to which mobile channels influence consumers shopping behavioral patterns will help managers to know how to manage each channel and eventually how to meld them in providing the seamless consumer shopping experience. Keywords - Omni channel, Mobile channels, consumer shopping Behaviour and webrooming.