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Strategic Marketing Of Health Care Services: A Systematic Review

The quality of care provided and the level of patient expectations has led a new envision towards marketing strategies to envisage the healthcare practices in a more deterministic style in increasingly competitive markets. However, inability of healthcare managers to effectively derive, implement and control marketing strategies pause a threat to patients’ perception of performance relative to operationalization of healthcare service quality. A gap that need to be filled in! This paper synthesizes findings of research studies through systematic literature review (SLR) to seek out the loophole/s. A disciplined screening process resulted in a final sample of 164 papers published in 71 Journals from 1998 to 2017. The synthesis of empirical and theoretical studies revealed: (a) literature utilises a narrow range of theoretical and conceptual perspectives; (b) strategic marketing is investigated in only few domains of healthcare sector and lacks a broader picture; (c) there is significant potential for future research in this domain and beyond existing theoretical perspectives; (d) suggestions for further advancement is proposed. Keywords - Healthcare brand, Strategic marketing, Operationalization of service quality