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Healthy Elderly Valley; Combination Of Digital Technology And Architectural Design

The concept of "old" and "in need of care" were defined as follows by Turkish Language Association; an old person is a person at an advanced age and care is the work or way of working provided to develop or keep something in a good condition. In this regard, the basic idea of this project is helping old people needing care to continue their healthy and happy lives irrespective of their economic status and also supporting their relatives. Researches have indicated that unpleasant nursing home conditions affect the people spiritual happiness in a negative way and drive them to depression. For a quality life in senility, first the life needs to be secured, then the quality of life should be increased and finally the continuity of the achieved quality of life must be ensured. For this, required matters should be. In order to integrate the elderly people to the dynamic structure of the city, allocation of a social area field is more appropriate instead of isolating them with a layout such as elderly village that is far away from the city center in a settlement unit which includes the abovementioned titles. To benefit from the experiences of elderly people and also to contribute into production is our primary goal. By this purpose, such places where a retired music teacher would teach violin, a mathematician would arrange mathematics courses or a craftsman would exhibit relative methods in fields he/she is an expert (handicrafts etc.), are required. Thus, both an opportunity of living in touch with society (children, youth, etc.) and production will be established. When the quality of life is considered in regard of elderly people, the behaviors of individuals in a daily life and the activities during the day comes to mind. Smart home, home technologies and adaptation of control systems used in many areas of the industry to daily life and also the home automation is the application of these technologies in special needs and requests of individuals. The basis of "Smart House" idea emerged in the beginning of 80's. Thanks to the technologies, the system constitutes a smart home where routine daily operation needs of individuals are met, health and comfort controls are made in a safer, economic and comfortable way with the systems in the home. In the application stage of the project, three design alternatives were provided. Transportation will be provided by localization and horizontal circulation and more meshed living areas with garden will be formed. The model preferred in this project was small villa-type of houses due to reasons like more easily fulfilled land requirement, chosen area conforming to climate conditions, easy and trouble-free operation and the most important of all, the ability of individuals building social and close relationships with each other. In this project where staying psychologically young is aimed, grouping according to the elderliness and disability types, and planning smart houses due to the problems is aimed. The places, where old individuals feel safe, free and comfortable and also the sense of belongingness is intense, are their homes. Keywords - Architecture, Elder, Life Quality, Smart Design.