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Investigation The Medical Malpractice Claims In A Provinance In Iran

Despite abundant progression in medical diagnosis and treatment of the diseases, there is an increasing number of medical malpractice claims. The aim of this study was to investigate malpractice complaints referred to the department of legal medicine organization in a provinance in Iran. In this cross-sectional descriptive study we attempted to study general malpractice claims referred to the department of Le|gal Medicine Organization Medical Commission for consideration during the 5 years. SPSS software was used for data analysis. During 5 year, 46 decisions related to malpractice were made. the most frequent cause for complain in 34.8% was death of relative and 50% were loss of a limb or organ. The highest number of malpractice claims were against gynecologist (32.6%),Orthopedic( 13%) and ENT (10.9%). About 58.7% of them were acquitted and 41.3% was convicted. The most common type of negligence was carelessness(36.8 %) followed by noncomformity of governmental disciplines or medical rules(26.3%). Because in obstetrics the lives of the mother and the fetus are at risk, the possibility of malpractice claim is higher than with other specialities. Thereofre establishing a freindly communication with the patient and their family,explaining what will be done and what the consequences of choices will make it possible to prevent unjustified claims.