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Analysis Of The Concept Of Confidentiality In Nursing

Confidentiality is considered as an important concept and ethics priorities among nursing. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the concept of confidentiality by Rodgers evolutionary approach.A computer search was performed in Medline, Proquest, Science direct, PubMed, Iran medex and SID databases between articles in the period of 1967 to 2016 using "confidentiality" and "patients" key words. The results of analysis revealed that confidentiality has standards that are raised in all professions and rules are intended for it by various associations and institutions. Confidentiality is related with words such as private, secrecy and trust. Confidentiality policies, use of technology and computers, patients' experiences and cultural, and demographic factors have effects on confidentiality. Confidentiality leads to increase of trust in doctors and nurses, exchange the information and promoting positive health outcomes. Inadequate confidentiality leads to loss of professional respect, trust, reliance to care receiver and it has negative impact on health outcomes. According to the importance of confidentiality in nursing and other medical professions, it is better that this important issue is considered in all aspects of patient care including education, research and healing.