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Assessment Of The Response Of Potato Varieties To Ecological Conditions In North Iraq

The ecological conditions in north Iraq are suitable for potato cropping due to moderate climate; rainfall, suitable temperature, fertile soil , water availability and farmers skills. Potato is considered an important global food crop. So it is important to improve production and quality by; by selection of suitable and high productive varieties and usage of modern technology, such as irrigation and fertilization techniques to increase yield. This study was performed as a field experiment in two regions; Khazir and Kalakchi in north Iraq. Three varieties from Netherland were used these are: Laperla, Lanorma and Actrice. The results showed; that the Khazir region; produced the highest tuber number 113110 / dunum, total tuber weight 14.2959 tons / d and higher yield 14.2959 tons/d compared with 11.4513 tons/d in the Kalakh region, Laperla variety was significantly superior in yield which reached 15.8103 tons/d, while the lanorma variety gave 13.5440 tons/d and at last the Actrice variety which gave 9.2662 tons/d, the interaction between regions and varieties gave the highest yield (khazir+Laperla) which reached 16.7330 tons/d while the same variety yielded 14.8883 tons/d. Key words - Potato, Response, Laperla, Lanorma, Actrice, Iraq.