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Visible Graphic QR Code With Embedded Invisible QR Code To Enhance Anti-Counterfeiting Features

QR code is a popular interface to deliver information between reality andvirtual world. It also plays an important role in marketing advertisement and transactional payment.However, it is sometimes misappropriated and forged by fraudulent users. Therefore, the security of QR code still needs to be strengthened. On the other hand, QR code is not recognizable by human vision because it consists of black and white modules. By the techniques of digital halftoning and data hiding, a graphic QR code embedded with an invisible QR code is developed to enhance the security features. Its explicit QR code can be normally interpreted by a QR code reader, and the message of the implicit QR code can be decoded by inputting the correct key. The research reaches the goal of graphic QR code to be both aesthetically pleasing and strengthening the anti-counterfeiting features. Keywords - QR code, Halftoning, Data hiding, Security