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Social Media Technologies, Theories, And Applications In Creationof Competitivenessof Tourism Organizations

In just past ten years, social media have drastically reshaped the life of many internet-used people and reengineered the business process and operations, and thus attracted huge attentions from industry and academia. Social media have been regarded as tools to influence possibilities for creating competitive advantages. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to conduct a critical literature review of social media research with the aim of developing a conceptual framework to explain how social media applications in creation of business competitiveness of tourism organizations. These social media applications are supported by various social media tools and technologies and underpinned by a set of traditional theories. The paper first takes a critical literature review of academic papers in social media research, followed by the proposal of a conceptual framework that highlights the tools and technologies as well as theories and models that serves as the foundation of social media applications in creating business competitiveness of tourism organizations. The proposed framework can serve as reference for future research in the area. This study not only explains the importance of applying social media in raising business competitive advantages, but also enhances the understanding of the infrastructure of social media applications. Keywords - Competitiveness creation, Social media technologies, Social media adoption, Tourism organizations.