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Driving Control For Unmanned Driving Vehicle System In Factory

The rapid progress of automation technologiesmerge, manufacturing processes will change dramatically.The use of smart machines will enable more flexible and autonomous manufacturing units.we know thatrelated technologies such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligenceare applied everywhere, many industries will also be closely integrated with these technologies.A kind of unmanned driving vehicle for manufacturing and warehousing is popular. Generally, unmanned driving vehicle sensesa path through the built-in sensor which can be many kinds of sensors, such as magnetic type, light type etc., so that the unmanned vehiclecan operate in accordance with the pre-planned path. When the unmanned driving vehiclegets the path deviation information from the sensor,Unmanned driving vehiclebased on the deviation information to calibrate the unmanneddriving vehicledirection. The design of the path of unmanned driving vehicleis relate to environmental space and shape,there are straight path and bending path.There are the following problems based on colored tape and camera image guidance solution, the camera is set in front of thecar and lead to the driving wheel for a distance, the state of the camera image is inconsistent with the wheel state. The driving control has to take care of the inconsistenceprecisely.Furthermore, the turning mechanism of driving wheels are not tightly couple with the car’s body, the turning angle of driving wheels is not align with thecar. Here, we present adriving control mechanism for colored tape guiding solutionforunmanned driving vehiclesystem. In thisstudy, we focus oncolor tapedriving control methodology based on Arduino control module interface.The implementation of the system architecture and thedriving control methodology of unmanned driving vehicle in the proposed system are described and validated in this paper. Keywords - MACD, unmanned driving vehicle