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The Role of Guerrilla Marketing in Increasing The Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises

Nowadays, the competitive advantage in the world of business becomes an important thing sought by many institutions, especially in an environment full of conflicts for surviving and the development which is accompanied by menaces. For this reason this study aimed at indentify the role played by Guerilla Marketing in competitive increase medium- sized enterprises and small (SME), through an applied study of “RACINE Institution” in Béchar city, to achieve this purpose an interview with the director personally was done, a questionnaire was prepared, and suitable statistic styles were used. The study’s results showed how effective Guerilla Marketing is in the increase of SME competitiveness, in addition to the viability of its success through the adoption of innovative methods and maintenance of the credibility of the advertising message with a constant willingness to take risks and all these by adopting a low budget. Key words - Guerilla marketing, competitiveness, Small and Middle Institutions (SME)