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Identifying the Pragmatic Meaning of Reduplication in Some Selected English Sentences

Language is a vital means of communication changing through time and this change may be reflected in the appearance of new vocabulary items represented by word-formation processes .Reduplication , one of those fertile processes , is a linguistic phenomenon found in morphological and phonological levels. However, it is rarely found in pragmatics. Accordingly , the current paper is concerned with the pragmatic level of reduplication in English .The main problem is attributed to the fact that EFL learners may figure out the morphological and phonological levels of reduplication in some English sentences, yet they may not be able to understand the pragmatic meaning of reduplication due to certain extra-linguistic factors. The essential aim of this paper is to describe reduplication in English and to show its intended meaning in some English sentences. The procedure followed in this paper is to describe this phenomenon according to morphological and phonological aspects in English and Thomas’s Model of meaning (1995) is adopted in this paper. The data are collected from TV., internet and YouTube. This paper has come up with the following conclusions : (1) it is possible for EFL learners to figure out reduplication in terms of morphology and phonology ; (2) it is difficult for EFL learners to understand reduplication in terms of pragmatic aspects due to the extra –linguistic factors; (3) it is found that reduplication is rarely existed in pragmatics Index Terms - EFL , morphology , phonology , pragmatics , reduplication.