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Victims Of Child Abuse & Neglect In Uganda

The research paper aims at studying the available measures for the Victims of child abuse and neglect in Uganda by state and non- state actors and to devise a valuable and proficient system of juvenile services in view of shortcomings and in compliance with existing international instruments. Child abuse victim services are those activities which are convenient in response to exploitation with the objective of mitigating affliction and smooth the progress of recovery. This embrace in providing protection to subsisters, information, psychotherapy, contribution, making pecuniary appraisals and reparation, performing individual coping intercessions, appealing in social advocacy, intending public policy and working in development program. Exploitation in terms of child abuse is a special form of exploitation which differs from exploitative crime because of its uncongenial character and its large scale collateral damage .Although, this distinction is not made in any international instrument but these child abuse victims suffer more in psycho-social perspective than normal victims of crime. It is a disastrous mass exploitation with gross human and financial loss. Victims of child abuse in Uganda exist in a large scale at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Keywords: Child abuse, Child Neglect, Intercessions, psycho-social, delineate.