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Paralysis Treatment Steps by Thai Folk Healers

Paralysis patients were increasing every year in Thailand. Self-healing at home was absolutely essential. This qualitative research was aim to study cognitive background about diagnosis, treatment, promotion, and rehabilitation process of paralysis by in-depth interviewed with specialized Thai folk healers. All of them had well experienced in paralysis treatment not less than 10 years, and lived in 7 provinces in Thailand. The result found that they had well experienced, and various methods to treat paralysis such as massage, hot iron tread, herbal compress, herbal steam, and herbal medicine seating. Treatment process was consist of 3 steps as follows: First step was diagnosis which was consist of physical examination, medical history taking, symptom evaluation, observation of retina, forehead, tongue, chin, bodily movement, tense of body, and pulsing, and also elements computing. Second step was consist of body massage, and herbal compress, then local massage/hot iron tread, and herbal compress, herbal medicines eating, symptom evaluation, herbal medicines eating again, and herbal steam. Third step was promotion, and rehabilitation which were consist of arm, and leg exercise, massage, herbal compress, continuously herbal medicine seating, patient prohibition, and mental care. All of five food categories eating was useful to the patients. These treatment methods help to better symptoms, and mentality of the patients. Paralysis treatment by folk healers was the alternative medicine in Thailand. Index Terms - Herbal Medicines, Folk Healers, Paralysis