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The Impact on Returns Consumer Satisfaction while Purchasing Goods Online on Apparel Market in Czech Republic

Pressure continues to build on the operations management function to facilitate system and firm level benefits. In the online marketplace, one area of growing interest is that of product returns. People typically buy and return products for a variety of reasons including incorrect size, color, or fit and sometimes even simply changing their mind about the product. These simple reasons can cause retailers to significant reverse logistics expense per return. This research is could be useful for retailers because it displays how returns can be leveraged to increase customer satisfaction and overall lifetime customer value. This research was contacted by qualitative analysis, which includes personal interviews focusing on customers’ returns experiences, expectations, and areas of dissatisfaction. The sample for the interviews consisted of people 18-45 years old within the Czech population. Results should allow identification and better understanding of consumer needs, which should lead to advances in theory of consumer behavior and also be useful in applications by businesses. Keywords - E-commerce, Returns, Returns Process Management, Consumer Behavior