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Marx and Violence: For and Against the Emancipation of Social Hope

The Idea of KarlMarxproposes that the solution of Capitalism must be the revolution, in order to overthrow the structure that causes the inequality of the system and pushtowards a communist society where human beings can live in equality. But the facts in history have made the meaning of human emancipation disappeared. Communism has become an image of the catastrophes and devils that swallowed people. But is it true?The lack of understanding of the origin of the class struggle leads to divisions and the view that others are enemies. The political revolution, without liberating itself from this illusion of otherness, is a source of violence and tragedy. Realizing the concept of Marx from the description of human nature is important for countering this and for the hope of an equal society in which human beings can live together. Index Terms - Violence, Class Struggle, Emancipation, Revolution