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People in Adolf Bastian’s “Journey in Siam in 1863”

This article lays a focus on “Journey in Siam in 1863”, a journey’s account of Adolf Bastian, a well-known German Ethnologist and anthropologists, who lived from 1826-1905. Bastian started his career as a ship’s doctor in 1850 and as such, Bastian could travel to many places around the world, such as Australia, Peru, the Caribbean and Africa. Bastian thus interested in ethnography and anthropology. In 1861, Bastian decided to travel to Southeast Asia. He first visited Cambodia, Myanma and after that Siam in 1863, when his journey’s account, Journey in Siam in 1863”, which will be studied in this article, was published. In this article, Bastian paid attention to the language and customs of Siam, as well as on Buddhism, the main religion in Siam. Moreover, he also reported about people, both important and ordinary, in his journey account. This fact thus makes Bastian’s account interesting, since it’s difficult for historians to obtain information about life of ordinary people, especially in the early Rattanakhosin era. Keywords - Adolf Bastian, Siam, Journey in Siam