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Influences of Daily use of Music, Physical Activities, and Internet Game in Physical and Psychological Health of High School Students

This study aims to explore the relations of daily use of music, physical activity, and internet game with psychological health variables such as positive self-concept, depression and life satisfaction as well as subjective physical health as s physical health variable. Participants were 412 male and female students, studying at the high school in Seoul and its suburb. Daily use of music, daily physical activity, and internet game, self-esteem, depression, life satisfaction, and perceived health were measured for this study. Results indicated that male students more engaged in physical activities and internet game than female students. Physical activity of high school students positively correlated with subjective physical health, while daily use of music was positive correlated to psychological health variables. Enjoying internet game was negatively correlated with self-esteem and subjective physical health. Interaction effect of gender on these relationship was not significant. Enjoying internet game and doing physical exercise were significant predictors for positive self-concept; and emotional use of music, enjoying internet game, and physical activity of high school students were significant predictors for psychological health variables. In addition, cognitive use of music of high school students was also a predictor for life satisfaction; physical exercise and enjoying internet game were predictors for perceived physical health. Results of this study reiterate positive effects of use of music and physical activity and negative effect of internet game, and suggest valuable information for further study as well as for health professionals in various setting.