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The Role of Leadership in Creating an Inclusive Culture of Diversity and a Strong Corporate Brand in Multicultural Environment

In literature, leadership and corporate culture come up as major factors in the success of organizations as they have great influence on organizational structures, processes and hence performance of companies. The article discusses the importance of the leaders’ role in building a corporate culture based on diversity and inclusion. The author emphasizes the responsibility and accountability of organizational leaders for introducing and implementing diversity-sensitive culture. Today’s leaders and managers need the skills required to manage rapidly changing diverse workplace. In today’s multicultural work environment organizations need to value differences among employees, which can be the source of inspiration, creativity and outstanding performance.To prove the stated thesis, the research results have been incorporated in this work, the purpose of which was to investigate employees’ awareness of diversity in theirorganizations and examine their opinions on the importance of diversity and inclusion, as well as the influence of the increase of diversity on the organizational culture and performance.The aim of the research was also to identify the major strategies which could be realized by the company’s management in order to create a better work environment and a stronger corporate brand.A diagnostic survey method by means of a questionnaire has been utilized for gathering the data. The results have been evaluated by using the methods of factor analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis. As a result, it has been determined that there is a meaningful relationship between the perception of diversity and the organizational level represented by respondents. A special role is played by the leaders, who have the power to shape the corporate culture by implementing diversity and inclusion strategy, which in turn can strengthen the corporate brand. Keywords - Leadership, corporate culture, corporate brand, diversity management, diversity and inclusion.