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Developing Social Integration At Religious Heritage Site At Harmony Street, Melaka

This research focused on forming social integration among multi-ethnic visitorsat Harmony Street in Melaka. There were problemswherelack of understanding on the functionality of three religious sites of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism to portray harmonious living among multi ethnic society. 384 questionnaires were distributed to Malaysian visitors who consist of Malay, Chinese and Indian. Visitors were selected based on the experience to two religious sites that do not belong to their own roots. Social integration model was used that tested dimensions of social acceptance, cultural adaptation, cultural appreciation and compromise. It was found that all components of the social integration model registered a good satisfactory result with mean registered well above 4, i.e. visitors do agree in all aspects which relates to national agenda on learning about others that led to unity. Keywords - Melaka, multi ethnic visitors, religious site, social integration, unity