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ASSEAN Community: A Case Study of the Natural Disaster Prevention Management in Thailand, B.E. 2560

Thailand is one of the members of ASEAN Community and she has to create the readiness and strength in the group of Asian countries. There is a management concerning the prevention, stability, and trust within the Asian region. This is consistent with the Thai government’s policy on national management toward stability, prosperity, and sustainability. In the past following years, there are many disasters happened at almost every corner of the world. Some disasters are considered as huge catastrophes that produce a great impact on fellowmen, economics, society, and national security. In realizing of the problems, the 10 countries of ASEAN Community, say, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, and Brunei have come up with the ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management or ACDM in which the countries with the strength can develop opportunity and methods in order to cope with the disasters that have a direct impact on politics, society, stability, economics, and non-traditional threats. Keywords - ASEAN Community, Disaster Prevention Management, Non-Traditional Threats