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Applying the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy for Living of People in Kho Wang, Yasothorn

The main objective of this study was to examine the living of people applying the philosophy of sufficiency economy in Kho Wang, Yasothorn. This research was a survey research employing questionnaire as the research tool to collect the data. The samples were 400 people living in Kho Wang, Yasothorn. Descriptive statistics such as mean, frequency, percentage, and standard deviation were employed to analyze the data. The inferential statistics; t-test and One-way ANOVA were also employed to test the hypothesis. The findings revealed that the respondents have a high level of applying the philosophy of sufficiency economy for living. When considering in each dimension, the philosophy was applied for their economy, health care, daily expenditure, occupation, accommodation, dressing, and food with the high level for all dimensions. The findings also indicated that gender, age, occupation, education, and income were associated with applying the philosophy of sufficiency economy for living of the respondents. Keywords - Behavior, Living, Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy