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Stakeholder Participation for Sustainable Waste Management in Phranakorn District, Bangkok

This research on “Stakeholder participation for sustainable waste management in Pranakorn district Bangkok.” The qualitative research method is applied with the study. This research is also an in-depth interview with Keys informant in which its sample size is 15 people including:Bangkok government officials, Trader and Community leaders / Citizens who are the residents of Pranakorn district Bangkok. The results show Inadequate environmental sanitation in many cities is a major cause of diseases and is a drain on the economy by way of lost workdays, cost of treatment and cleanup activities. Municipal authorities and policymakers need to act fast to address this issue. Sustainable waste management provides a comprehensive inter-disciplinary framework for addressing the problems of managing urban solid waste, in the resource constrained developing countries where quality of such services are poor and costs are high often with no effective means of recovering them. Upgrading the coverage of waste management and services and increasing their efficiency is a precondition for improving the environmental quality of cities. This paper highlights the fact that the involvement and participation of all the stakeholders such as the waste generators, waste processors, formal and informal agencies, non-governmental organizations and financing institutions is a key factor for the sustainable waste management. Keywords - Environmental Sanitation; Waste Management; Sustainability