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State Authority Relation and the Role of Monks in Social Liberty and Rights Dimention

The starting point of Democratic system is from a good citizens, Monk is a citizen of the country who have responsibilities to be a good citizen of the nation. Liberty and rights are the important concept fundamental for liberalism society. So, studying state power relations and the role of monk in social rights dimension is the important thing whether what kind of the regime, Buddhism ideology has been interpreted to be social legitimacy for any communities, controlling the clergy was raised and limited from the Thai government systematically. Although Buddhism was compared to be the entity and the root of nation, in the present Buddhism is used to be a tool for increasing and decreasing power of some group in Thai society. Similarly to the politics in Buddhism philosophy, the role of monks of Buddhism is not only emphasized on the “rights” but also emphasized on the role that they should to express to be consistent with expectation of society. Similarly to John Lock, argued that rights and liberty are fundamental rights and liberty for everyone, but lack of completeness in 3 point; 1) human may see the role from different reason 2) when the crisis is happened from the third party who don’t have any interests associate with the judge 3) damaged party may be didn’t have strength enough to manage. These things causes human established political society to reduce such a problem and leads to be state authority relation between government and monk. State authority relations between government and monk can be separated as 2 types; authority relation and bargaining relation. Monk is the symbolic represent of Buddhism under monk law, Sangha Supreme Council is the main organization to manage, control and examine clergy. But when industrial revolution was occurred, the modern state was born, caused Buddhism symbol began to weak, Buddhist began to reduce the role and lacked of credibility in Buddhism. Buddhism dogma was interpreted diffusely to be many denominations. Especially 2 major denominations that Thai people respect are MahaNikai and Dhammyuttika, causes variousness in thought and following the doctrine. So, it has the gap that the government can come with the role to control the clergy more. Finally Buddhism was used to be a tool for political ideology and also lead to inequality legitimately. Thus, the government should be neutralize in Buddhism, emphasizes in the liberty and rights of the people includes monksand should not intervene in Buddhism management anymore. Keywords - Power Relation, The Role of Monks, Liberty and Rights