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Military and Thai Political Development

This research has focused on the study of the military roles and the political development in Thailand. The research is a qualitative research. The results show that the military will not take the political roles since the Constitution and other related rules and regulations do not clearly specify the military political roles. However, the Constitution has specified the 2 characteristics of the military duty in which they are: 1) national defense, maintenance of independence, stability, peace, and important national institutions, and 2) national development. The political participation by the military happens when there is an eruption concerning politics, economics, and society. The military will take action when there are political conflict, disagreement among the people, economic problems fraudulent, corruption, and wildly social problems. The military march will be seen when there is gathering of people in order to put pressure on the government and, later, it turns out to be a chaotic situation as a result from political instability. Keywords - Military Roles, Political Development, Political Situation