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ASEAN and Economics Pillar: A Case Study of Thailand Tourism Industry

ASEAN and Thailand’s Economic Pillar is intended to build a readiness and strength in accordance with the 3 main pillars, say, 1) ASEAN Political-Security Community –ASC, 2) ASEAN Economic Community –AEC, and 3) ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community. There must be an expedition on the commitment as agreed upon in the conglomeration of ASEAN, B.E. 2560, in economic, social, and security dimensions. There must be a connection of transportation both inside and outside of the region. This is to maintain credibility and promote the roles of Thailand in ASEAN. As one of the members of ASEAN, Thailand must move faster on the various economic and social perspectives in order to be ready for foregin investors who are mostly comimg from developing economies or emerging economies and looking for a joint venture. The amount of foregin investments have tendency to increase continuously that is in consistent with Thailand’s objectives in the development of tourism in South-east Asian Countries based on equality. Keywords - ASEAN, Economic Pillar, Tourism