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Assessment Of Knowledge And Practices Of Foodworkers On Personal Hygiene Practices In Fishery Factories In Myanmar

Personal hygiene knowledge and practices are essential parts in GMP/HACCP implementation. The objective of this study was to assess personal hygiene knowledge and food safety practices of workers in fishery factories in Myanmar. Data from 100 general workers and 44 HACCP team members from 4 certified fishery factories in Myanmar were collected by using questionnaire with face to face interviews. They were validated through on-site observation by auditors. Personal hygiene knowledge, personal hygiene practices and food safety knowledge were significantly different (p<0.0001*) among the four factories. Factory M received the highest mean score of both knowledge and practices of general workers. The factory´┐Żs team members also obtained the highest score. Factory K was the second best in the respective evaluations. Workers of factory P had moderately good knowledge but had poor hygiene practices which may be contributed from poor knowledge of the team members/supervisors (P<0.001). Factory N, on the other hand, workers were poor on both knowledge and practices despite the good knowledge of team members. All factories, however, still lack of knowledge on knowledge of 14 aspects tested. In conclusion, the factories needed to improve the food safety knowledge and awareness as well as attitude of workers. Team members/leaders attitude and performance greatly affected on knowledge and practices of workers in GMP/HACCP implementation. Factories should also provide facilities to support good personal hygiene and good sanitation in the production area as well. Keywords- Fishery Factories, Food Workers, Food Safety Knowledge,Personal Hygiene Knowledge,Personal Hygiene Practices.