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Maintaining the Self-Reliant Occupation on the Embroidery of Pantomime and Thai Dance-Drama Costumes of the Elderly of Khian Niwat Community Enterprise, Trok Kai Chae, Phranakorn District, Bangkok

The objectives of this research are 1) to study the conditions of the self-reliant occupation on the embroidery of pantomime and Thai dance-drama costumes of the elderly in KhianNiwat community, Trok Kai Chae, Phranakorn district, Bangkok, and 2) to study the factors affecting life-sustaining occupation of embroidery that lasts for more than 50 years. This research is a qualitative research. The in-depth interview was conducted on the two major informants, participative observation undertaken for more than 2 years, focus groups and interviews were done with stakeholders and related people with the total number of 10 individuals. The study found that leaders with high skills and well-popular figures are important persons who acquired the jobs and carefully distributed them piece by piece among the group members. The process started from the customers who appreciated the high quality products and the sacred location where there has been a belief on supernatural power. The fact is that, 200 years ago, this exact area was used as a platform for the most famous Thai classical dance-drama performance. There was a belief that this supernatural power would enable and bless embroiderers of pantomime or khon(in Thai) and Thai dance-drama costumes with success in the past following 10 years. When Pipit Banglamphu Museum was established together with the revivalactivities of fine arts and indigenous wisdom to create the cultural tourist attractions, these elderly folks became the sages or knowers on the delicate embroidery. These people were hired on the continuous basis. The embroidery work never changed the pattern and it did not need to compete with times. The work itself was considered as a life of leisure based on self-reliance. These embroiderers were totally happy and they worked at home. Keywords - Maintaining the Occupation, Embroidery of Pantomime and Thai dance-drama Costumes, The Elderly