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Impacts of Climatic Catastrophes on Public Health in Pakistan

Human beings are vulnerable to climate change, as the climate of the earth is changing at an accelerating rate. It is evident from the documented data that climate change has drastic effectson public health globally. However, the present literature review attempts to provide an overview of existing investigations about the impacts of climatic catastropheson public health in Pakistani context. In Pakistan, there is an alarming rise in health related issues due to changing climate and environmental conditions. There is a dearth of research addressing health issues on a large scale. Therefore, thecurrentresearch examines published papers,reports, policies, and books focusing onfour provinces of Pakistan. The research data is collected from peer-reviewed literature between a period 2010 to 2017. The researchers applied a qualitative research methodology to reviewthe relevant research data on public health problems as well as gender perspective.The findings identified various climatic catastrophesand their adverse effects on human health in Pakistan. The research provides a considerable awareness and understanding about the impacts of climatic catastrophes on public health in Pakistan. The research findingssuggest researchers and policy makers to design adaptive strategies forthe future in order to protect human lives from environmental and climatic disasters. Keywords - Climatic, catastrophes, public health, Pakistan