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Environmental impact assessment of coating fresh-cut papaya cv. Holland with chitosan

This research was aimed to study coating of fresh-cut papaya cv. “Holland” with chitosan solutions (0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5% and 2%). The 2% chitosan solution was the most appropriate concentration to preserve the qualities of fresh-cut papaya. The life cycle assessment (LCA) technique was used to identify 2% chitosan solution for coating fresh-cut papaya using the SimaPro 7.0’s software, with the CML 2 Baseline 2000 method. The results showed that highest environmental impact of 2% chitosan solution for coating fresh-cut papaya occurred during the production. The main environmental impacts were marine aquatic ecotoxicity, global warming and human toxicity, respectively. An essential factor which caused these impacts was the usage of electricity during production process. Index Terms- Chitosan, Environmental Impact Assessment, Life cycle assessment, Papaya