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Impact Social Networking Sites on Youth

These days, the Social Networking Sites ( SNS ) has become the major source of communication between the individuals. The main focus of this study is to determine the impact of social networking sites on the academic performance youth . A sample of 309 youth were selected, the primary data collection was done through questionnaire. The collected data was analyased using SPSS. The results were very interesting, the results shows that SNS are affecting the students’ academic performance. The study further confirmed that most of the respondents visit the SNS every day on an average of half an hour to more than 3 hours. The study further reveals that as the number of active friend’s increases are affecting the youths’ academic performance. Since the study confirmed that the usage had affected the academic performance of youth , there is an urgent need for counseling and advice to the youths regarding the dangers of addiction to SNS by the school authorities and by the parents. The other factor is the time students spent on SNS are affecting the academic performance and they are not in a position to finish the portion within the time assigned. Based on these findings, it can be used to propose the appropriate methods for students in managing and balancing their time without affecting the academic performance. Key words - Social Networking Sites ( SNS) , Academic performance.