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Biochar Compost Effects On Rice Growth And Yield Production Under Acid Soil In Malaysia

Biochar compost was formulated using rice husk biochar (RHC)as based enriched with organic substrates(chicken manure and EFB bunches) and natural minerals which are allowed by Malaysian Organic Standard (My Organic). RHC is a waste generated by major rice processing mills in Malaysia with estimated volume of 30,000mt per year and still found underutilized in some states of Malaysia. RHC has suitable characteristics as soil ameliorant for problematic soil such as acid and sandy soil contributed by its alkaline nature and high water holding capacity. The formulated biochar compost (BC)has the pH value at 7.8, macro and micronutrients as well as beneficial microbial populations which help in soil amelioration and improve crop nutrient uptake. Biochar compost was tested for its efficacy for rice crop production under problematic soil (acid soil) with pH lesser than 4.5 in East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The experiment was conducted on 5X4 m blocks in the field using RCBD design with 3 replicates. The treatments used for the study were selected and designed to evaluate the performance of BC in different rates and compared with control (without organic amendments before planting). The fertilization was followed a current practice using NPK compound and urea at 4 splits. Results showed rice yield, crop growth and soil properties especially pH value are significantly higher in treatments with 3t/ha of BC as compared to control. Rice yield showed increase at 29% for the application rate of 3mt/ha Biochar fertilizer and 20% for the application rate of 1mt/ha. Application of BC at 3mt/ha with reduced NPK compound fertilizer at 5% was demonstrating higher rice crop performances in relation to yield and growth as compared to control. The positive effects of BC on rice crop productionsuggesting a potential use of this industrial waste as soil amendment product for agricultural use and efficient waste management in rice processing mill in Malaysia