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Flow Physics and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Jet Impinging on a Heated Flat Surface

Cooling by impingement jet is known to have a significant high heat transfer rate which make it widely used in industrial cooling systems. This research paper numerically investigates heat transfer characteristics on an isothermal flat surface using computational fluid dynamics for orthogonal and inclined impinging jets. Four jet-to-target distances (H/D), 2 and 8 respectively were employed in this study. In addition, two jet angles (α) of 45°, 60° and 90° using air as working fluids were also employed in this study. A full analysis of the effect of both turbulence models and mesh sizes is reported for all jet to target distances and jet angles. This paper should help understanding the flow physics in jet impingement problems. The numerical values were validated against the experimental data of O’Donovan, 2007. This research paper investigates not only the effect of jet-to-target distances but also the effect of changing jet angles on the flow physics under the influence of Re=10,000, 20,000 and 30,000. Index Terms - Heat Transfer, Jet Impingement, Inclined Jet, Orthogonal Jet