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On the Performance of MIMO Systems in PLC Networks

In home, Power Line Communications (PLC) enables new and highly convenient networking functions without any additional wires to mains-powered devices. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) methods can significantly increase the PLC channel throughput and the link reliability. This article focuses first on the peculiarities of the electrical grid, with a survey of PLC channel capacity in a MIMO context. Besides, MIMO signal processing techniques most suited to PLC environments are discussed, allowing for throughput predictions. It is found that eigen beam forming is the best choice for MIMO PLC. In this work, we characterize, from measurements, the PLC channel capacity in the extended frequency range 2 - 100 MHz. In this paper we focus on the capacity and BER (Bit Error Rate) improvement given by the MIMO scheme in PLC networks. Keywords - MIMO, OFDM, PLC, Capacity, BER,SNR.