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Role of Political Islam in Turkish Politics: A Case Study of National Vision Movement

National Vision Movement is a movement having started through the establishment of National Order Party (MNP) with the leadership of Necmettin Erbakan (died in 2011) in the beginning of 1970. Since then, National Vision Movement became the symbol of the political Islam in Turkey. Under the roof of forming a party, National Order Party became power partner four times between 1974 and 1978. With the name of Welfare Party (RP), it boosted its popularity through several local and general elections in nineties and consequently appeared in governments as a great power partner. Having been established in 1983, The Welfare Party is known to have obtained successful results within a very short time. Justice and Development Party, the ruling party in Turkey, also came from the roots of National Vision Movement. National Vision Movement, as a view to have formed this political organisation, claimed its place in Turkish Political History but encountered the resistance of military and judicial bureaucracy all the way, and it was hindered and forced to depoliticisation. In my study I initially mentioned about historical development of National Vision Movement. And then, through examples and the interviews, I explained new discourses introduced by the Welfare Party into Turkish politics, Party’s identity, Just Order rhetoric, and the acquisitions of Turkish democracy by its election strategy and propaganda, respectively. Key words - Political Islam. National Vision Movement. Welfare Party. Justice and Development Party. Democratization.