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The New Algorithm Based on Mechanic Flow using in Automatic Zone Detection for Video Surviellance

Object tracking is an important research direction in computer vision and is widely used in video surveillance,this paper is placed in the context of video analysis.There are several approaches that aim at automatic video analysis, but most of them have difficulties to handle particular situations. Nevertheless, most of the automatic video analysis systems facemanydifficulties: occlusions,variationoftheapparent size of objects, illumination changes, etc. Wecanobtainsuchinformationbydetectionandtrackingof movingobjectsinvideos,whichisawidelystudieddomain. In these difficult cases, traditional methods provide only partial trajectories of objects. Moreover, these systems more robust for individual tracking, we propose to aggregate the partial data to build global information on the flow of objects. Finally, we can automatic detected entry and exit zones in the scene Keywords - Image processing, video surveillance, soft computing