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Design of Micropile for Bridge Foundation in Leh – Laddakh Soils

This paper has got prominence to non-feasibility of normal bridge foundation,well and pile foundation at remote , inaccessible bridge site over shyok river in Leh – Laddakh area and consequently micropile foundation has to be planned for first time in India.In this paper, the design of micropiles for the bridge foundation over shyok river has been done with allowable bearing capacity of micropiles based on soil parameters determined from SSI at bridge location.The load capacity of micropiles has also been examined based on method F.H.W.A. (Federal Highway Administration) manual.A comparison has been made in tabular form besidesupcoming worstvertical, lateral and uplift or tension load on micropile after seismic effect.The successful design and expert construction on ground would open a new era in bridge construction ,repair- rehablition of old structures and seismic retrofitting of structures. Keywords - Bridge, Micropile,Vertical/ Lateral Capacity