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The Link Between Child Upbringing And Entrepreneurship

Child upbringing simply refers to the way or manner in which a child is brought up and that is what determines his personality. Child upbringing is one of the most formidable tasks a parent will ever take in life. An entrepreneur is an innovator, a person who brings up new ideas, goods, services and business procedures. The research was based on interviews and discussions with some randomly selected parents and entrepreneurs in Cameroon. Based on these discussions, the researcher was able to come out with some findings and draw some conclusions. This research set out to find the link between child upbringing and entrepreneurship by first of all looking at how to train children to become entrepreneurs. The steps include teaching them the art of public speaking at home to build confidence, teaching them different world languages to enhance communication with anyone, making them familiar with recent technology, teaching them to value people over money, making them find current problems and suggest possible solutions, parents should lead by example by having their own businesses or enterprises, making them do internships and other business ventures, encouraging them to be good at math, to be best at what they do and encouraging them to read books on business. The study also identifies challenges parents face in training these children which include the fact that children have a mind of their own and many distractions. It lastly looks at the importance of training children to become entrepreneurs. These include, for survival without relying solely on others, to make a change and impact lives, provide employment, set goals and achieve them and to add to National income. In conclusion, if children are trained young, they will become innovators. This implies that there will be more happiness, more self-confidence, less stress, less crime, and hence, a better world. This study is in conformity with the parenting styles theory which suggests that children’s behaviour is directly related to their parent’s child-rearing practices. Keywords - Child upbringing and entrepreneurship