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Developing Information Technology Base Village Administration For Sustainable Poverty Alleviation Model

Indonesian Poverty alleviation programs in general are not sustainable as a result the number and percentage of poor people remains high about28,28 million (11,25 %) of the population of Indonesia(2015). This study:(1) increase effectiveness village government trough Information Technology (IT) Base Village Administration; (2) improve village social welfare (eradicate poverty); (3) improve quality of public services; (4) improve quality governance of village government; (5) increase competitiveness level of the village; and (5) to formulate recommendation actions for establishing a new policy of Balai PMD Yogyakarta on village administrationtraining anddevelopment. Based onresearch findings,village administrationsystemshould besimple, easy to understand, and easy toput into practice.The study shows availability IT base village administrationsurgentownedby the village heads and officers. IT base village administrationsiscomprising of: (a) Public Administration; (b) Population Administration; (c) Financial Administration; (d) Village Development Administration; (e) Administrative of Village Consultative Body (BPD); and (f) Other Administrations. Keywords- Village Head And Officers, Information Technology (It) Base Village Administration, Sustainable Poverty Alleviation.