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Effects Of Experiment And Education In Art

Educators have put forward two main justifications for including the arts in formal school curricula. One argument is intrinsic to the arts. It maintains that the arts are important components of human culture in and of themselves and that, as such, they ought to be included as school subjects on an equal footing with other cultural disciplines such as literature or history. The intrinsic argument can lead to either of two pedagogical approaches. Model fitting to experimental results is presented within the context of graduate physics laboratories and generalized to other graduate and post-graduate levels, and diverse research fields. In most cases the analysis of experimental results, in terms of mathematical models available to describe the obtained results, extends beyond the numerical minimization of statistical estimators, like the chi-square, in the model's parameter space. Dedicated fitting procedures, not easily or directly available in common data analysis software's packages, are required to obtain the best fitting set of parameters that present a consistent physical meaning. A simple but powerful web-based solution is presented, and its relative advantage in comparison with known commercial and open source solutions is discussed. Keywords - Art, Experimental, Women, Education.