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Gender Differences In Effectiveness Of A Nutritional Self-Management Program For Community-Living Older Adults

The aims of this study was to determine whether there were gender differences after received a dietary self-management program for older community-dwelling adults. A quasi-experimental study was used. Older adults were recruited from two randomly selected public health centres in north-eastern of Taiwan. Data were collected at baseline and 12 weeks and the nonparametric models were chosen to examine group differences. 20 male and 38 female older adults received the nutritional self-management program and completed the study. We compared the main outcomes in the end of 12 weeks and found that men were better than women at nutritional status, internal health locus of control, and program satisfaction than women. Moreover, the feedback of the program was also differed from gender. We suggested that self-management nutritional program can be effectively delivered in the community-dwelling older adults; however, the nutritional intervention should consider gender difference. Index Terms - Gender, Older Adults, Nutrition, Self-Management Program