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Teaching Strategies Scale For Promoting Higher Order Thinking Skills Among Students In Science

It has been well verified that higher order thinking skills (HOTS) are essential for effective learning and form the central goal of science education. Based on the recent literature, teaching methods play a vital role in enhancing studentsí acquisition of HOT. This study aimed to develop a strategies use survey questionnaire that aim to investigate the strategies use by science teachers in to teach their studentsí HOT in science.The questionnaire was developed based on the construct of higher order thinking and consisted of 34items in the form of 5 point Likert scale. The questionnaire was distributed among 88 7th grade science teachers in the Iraqi-Kurdistan region. After identifying the validity and reliability of the questionnaire, three items were dropped and the final version of the strategies use survey questionnaire consisted of the 31 items with alpha Cronbach 0.899. Which implies that the scale can be used as a reliable source to assess the strategies use by science teacher to teach their students higher order thinking skills in science. Keywords: Teaching Strategies questionnaire, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Teaching Science.